The Vault Backyard Festival

The Vault Backyard Festival


Because we love and miss you all, because raising North West this year has been real stressful, and because most of the money in our bank account came from your pockets (thanks for the support, baby), we have decided to throw a FREE one day mini-festival for y’all during Frosh Week!

Last year was an incredible year for us, and we really can’t thank you all enough for your support! This event is a THANK YOU present for scrolling through our blog, attending our keggers, sticking those stickers, or justtolerating us as we incessantly put your News Feed on blast. We have LOADS (and we mean LOADS) of exciting projects coming your way this term, and it all starts NOW! 

We have collected 8 bands and artists from Kingston, Ontario, and the UK (how exotic!) to play their delicious tunes and to come welcome you back to Kingston! This event will take place from 2:30pm (music starts at 3) to 9 pm in a backyard (location TBA; stay tuned!). There have been rumours of unicorns and sno cones…. 

… and did we mention its FREE!! 


A newly formed band containing some of the most dangerous boys at Queen’s.

The Great Augustus
These boys have been hard at work over the past few months and have played with Aidan Knight, Hey Ocean and other various acts in Kingston before. Better get their autograph now while you still can.

This band has been in the recording studio over the summer, working on material that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere. We’ve seen and heard them live before but never anything from the studio. Also dangerous. And trendy. Mostly trendy.

Dj-ing around the UK under various monikers, this British mystery has jumped ship to come play at our event. 

Melina Trimarchi
From Toronto comes this bonafide babe with powerhouse pipes, accompanied by James Colwell, a jazz legend in the making, as goes the word on the street. 

Oseka Ogega
To prove that there is more to Canadian hip-hop than Drake we have asked this Toronto based friend to pay us a visit.

Kingston is hip too, you guys, and James is going to show us. 

The Will Hunter Band
We are big fans of this Queen’s based four piece.These are some lovely fellows with even lovelier harmonies and toe-tapping melodies.