Lightfoot Returns by Brendan Canning

you gots 2 chill

Light Foot Returns

[audio Canning is to the Canadian music industry as what Kate Middleton is to England; He’s royalty. He perfectly embodies the camradere that makes the music scene here a scene. He has worked on a handful of projects playing and with all sorts of different musicians; You’re probably the most familiar with his band Broken Social Scene. So although Canning is not new on the scene, this track is only from his second solo album, You Gots 2 Chill, which was released just last week.  And what a great week that was.

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with pleasant looking things. It cheers us up, makes us healthier and most importantly makes us happier. So too does good music.  “Lightfoot Returns” is a dreamy track with heavy synth and moody harmonies but it’s beauty, why I love it, lies in it’s simple and pleasant sound. It’s a good song, maybe more, but definitely nothing less.