Lightfoot Returns by Brendan Canning

you gots 2 chill

Light Foot Returns

[audio Canning is to the Canadian music industry as what Kate Middleton is to England; He’s royalty. He perfectly embodies the camradere that makes the music scene here a scene. He has worked on a handful of projects playing and with all sorts of different musicians; You’re probably the most familiar with his band Broken Social Scene. So although Canning is not new on the scene, this track is only from his second solo album, You Gots 2 Chill, which was released just last week.  And what a great week that was.

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with pleasant looking things. It cheers us up, makes us healthier and most importantly makes us happier. So too does good music.  “Lightfoot Returns” is a dreamy track with heavy synth and moody harmonies but it’s beauty, why I love it, lies in it’s simple and pleasant sound. It’s a good song, maybe more, but definitely nothing less.



Fake Your Dreams by Ain’t No Love


In case you haven’t heard already, the 90’s are back. Everyone is wearing high waisted pants and neon- well anything; even Boy Meets World is coming back. What I am most excited about though is the music. Not the boy bands or the literally “dirty” pop songs, but the music that mixes hip-hop’s smoothness with pop’s buoyancy – just like Canadian group Ain’t No Love’s newest track,  “Fake Your Dreams”.

The band has been dubbed renegade pop but I would just call them musical geniuses.  They have created a sound that perfectly caters to our generation, mixing throwback flare with trendy production values and rapping lyrics that reference pop culture. “Fake Your Dreams” will quickly become that song on your party playlist that everyone stops to sing along to.

Ain’t nothing but love from me for Ain’t No Love

….I had to.


Fall For You by Young Galaxy



“Fall For You” is light, easy to consume, upbeat and has a somewhat tropical vibe — all the makings for that perfect summer tune. That is, it’s the perfect song until you listen to the rest of the band’s latest album Ultramarine, then try picking just one.

Young Galaxy is an ethereal sounding experimental-pop band hailing from Montreal (Is it just me, or does Montreal spawn the best dreamy pop music?)  They have been making music together for a while now and all four of their albums are worth a listen, I especially recommend lending your ears to the track “We Have Everything,” but this last album is superb. It’s a cohesive entity but each track stands strong on its own.  I bet that more than one Young Galaxy song will make it’s way onto your summer play list.

Lazy Days by He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister


Lazy Days

Wake Your Heart

Pop Quiz:  What do crop tops, a Beatle, sleeping bags and Kendrick Lamar all have in common?  You can find them at Bonnaroo this year.  With a tonne of big names (The Lumineers, Alt-J, Mumford and Sons, Tom Petty) and one HUGE name (ahem, Sir Paul McCartney) it’s safe to say that going to this festival will be the highlight of my summer, maybe even my life.

With Bonnaroo only a month away it is time to let the countdown and-the prep begin.  I don’t have a tent, a sleeping bag or even a way down yet but I do have crop tops and a flower crown. More importantly I know who I’m most excited to see. On that list is He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, an LA band who has perfected a modern day folk sound.  They are edgy, fun, glam, dreamy, melancholic and odd.  Lay back, close your eyes and let their music transport you to a hot desert hillside. Keep hydrated and be generous with the SPF.

– Emma

Harper Lee by Little Green Cars


Harper Lee


This high-energy song with sweet harmonies and punchy lyrics is merely a taste of what there is to find on the debut album Absolute Zero.  Somewhere, where power-pop and folk meet whimsical melodies you will find Little Green Cars. It’s almost as though they’ve taken all of my favourite musical elements and combined them to create one cohesive sound. And I just can’t get enough of it.


Canary Bird by Idiot Wind

idiot wind


This is an oldie, from 2010 (the fact that  something from 2010 can now be considered an oldie is insane) but it is one of those songs that’s didn’t get enough attention the first time around.  Amanda Bergman, the woman behind the title Idiot Wind, is one of the great songwriters of our time.  Her lyrics are poetic and strong. “Canary Bird” is only her voice accompanied by piano, it’s simple yet one of the most powerful songs I’ve heard in a long time.


From Afar by Vance Joy

vance Joy

From Afar


“Not another acoustic guitar playing singer/song writer!”

Well, Vance Joy is not another acoustic guitar playing singer/song writer. He is Vance Joy: A really great acoustic guitar player with thoughtful, moving lyrics and a style similar to folk but with an island vibe.   “From Afar” is slow to start but listen to it all the way through. Trust me.  If you’ve ever been heartbroken before you might find yourself in tears at the end of the song.  Craving something a little less “mushy”? Mosey on over here for some Vance Joy without the puffy eyes and wet cheeks.

– Emma

Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg

jake bugg

Lightning Bolt


Girls everywhere who, like me, were heart broken when the news that Aaron Taylor- Johnson (the heartthrob playing John Lennon in Nowhere boy) is married reached their ears, can put their hearts back together and start loving again because now we have Jake Bugg. Bonus: he actually is a super dreamy, mega talented British musician in real life not just in film.  Are you just over the moon? I am. His lyrics and his voice are years beyond him.  He’s only 19 (yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about my accomplishments to date now too) but you would never guess that from listening to him. Maybe it’s the realness in his lyrics, maybe it’s the country flavour in his music or maybe it’s the twang in his voice but there’s something here that reminds me of Bob Dylan.  And that’s about the highest praise I can give.

Jake Bugg will be playing at Osheaga this year, as well as T in the Park. His name is written in undeservingly small print and listed near the bottom.  For those of you who missed it consider this a lesson in reading the fine print.

– Emma

Call Me In The Afternoon by Half Moon Run


Call Me In The Afternoon


As the school year comes to an end so to does the carefree “I’ll do this later” attitude.  It’s time to crack open the books (maybe for the first time) and get to work.  To put it bleakly, it sucks.  Especially when using up all of your energy and attention in the library results in you missing out on potentially amazing shows—like last week’s Half Moon Run.  So, I give to you the next best thing! Sort of.  Well actually not at all. I can’t provide the beer, your friends or the live music and the atmosphere that goes along with it, but the song does make for a nice study break or accompaniment.

Half Moon Run is a Canadian band with a cool innovative sound: it’s like folk with more production and an ethereal rhythm.  This band has a lot coming up in the near future (including a European tour with the ever loved and Über popular, Mumford and Sons) and I predict that their popularity, along with their sound, will only continue to grow.  Half Moon Run’s debut album Dark Eyes is definitely something that should make its way onto your iTunes, you know, once you’ve finished that reading from week four.

– Emma