Man On The Page- Good For Grapes

Good For Grapes

Skipping Stone 

It’s been about a year since our post on B.C. based Good For Grapes’, “A Worthier Man”. In that time, their ‘outrageous folk’ sound has garnered cross-country attention, as was due. October 15, 2013 marked the arrival of their debut album, Man On The Page. Beginning to end, it’s a substantial piece of work that affirms the merit of their growing presence in the Canadian music scene. Man On The Page brings to our awaiting ears a sound that showcases Good For Grapes’ cohesiveness as a band- a trait that is not easily achieved by younger projects. Fans of their self-titled EP released April 2011, will welcome back some of those classic stomp-inducing, clap-along riffs, but will also recognize new sounds throughout their album, the result of which is a sound that is wholly unique to Good For Grapes. Their commitment to growth and hard work truly shows in this album. Good job guys (and gal!).

Make sure you check out their set at Clark Hall this Sunday, Oct 20 with The River & The Road and The Will Hunter Band. See ya there!

– Katie Carman


A Worthier Man by Good For Grapes

A Worthier Man

Bad Apple

What a delight, some West Coast tunes just in time to help us all fend off our homesickness! And for those of you who don’t yearn for the mountains to once again etch your backdrop, here’s a couple songs from that beautiful place we call the West, from us to you.

This band raw in age but ripe in talent, takes ownership over their folk sound: a feat not to be overlooked considering the generous supply of folk groups these days. You can expect some stomp-inducing instrumental riffs to the likes of Mumford mixed with some graceful vocals to the likes of Fleet Foxes and Hey Ocean. And of course, this review would not be complete without mention of the most adored accordion in Vancouver since Mr.Lloyd’s sixth grade six along circles. With a carefully tended collection of piano, guitar vocals, trumpet, percussion and trombone, Good for Grapes promises to be a solid, hearty sound.

-Katie Carman