Man On The Page- Good For Grapes

Good For Grapes

Skipping Stone 

It’s been about a year since our post on B.C. based Good For Grapes’, “A Worthier Man”. In that time, their ‘outrageous folk’ sound has garnered cross-country attention, as was due. October 15, 2013 marked the arrival of their debut album, Man On The Page. Beginning to end, it’s a substantial piece of work that affirms the merit of their growing presence in the Canadian music scene. Man On The Page brings to our awaiting ears a sound that showcases Good For Grapes’ cohesiveness as a band- a trait that is not easily achieved by younger projects. Fans of their self-titled EP released April 2011, will welcome back some of those classic stomp-inducing, clap-along riffs, but will also recognize new sounds throughout their album, the result of which is a sound that is wholly unique to Good For Grapes. Their commitment to growth and hard work truly shows in this album. Good job guys (and gal!).

Make sure you check out their set at Clark Hall this Sunday, Oct 20 with The River & The Road and The Will Hunter Band. See ya there!

– Katie Carman


Distraction by Leisure Suit



Somewhere in the mysterious, dark ocean, there is a sparsely illuminated corner where a lone jelly fish, perhaps even two lone jelly fish, floats impeccably to the tune of “Distraction”. Drifting mindlessly but with motion, graceful and easy, vulnerability becomes mesmerizing.

Although this band originated in Victoria B.C., “Distraction” hosts an ethereal, hypnotic sound that strays from the typical folk-rock scene gloriously enveloping the West Coast. That being said, Leisure Suit do provide us with many moments and many sounds that reminds us they’re from B.C., as is showcased in their stunning Chapel Sessions. Enjoy and stay tuned!

– Katie Carman

Preview: Wilderness Festival 2013


Art Rarely Seen Amidst Landscapes You’ve Never Been.

Festival: The Wilderness Festival 2013

Date: August 8-11th 2013

Location: Cornbury Park, UK

Why You Should Go: It’s not just music. Described as “a festival of experiences,” Wilderness 2013 supplies us with countless opportunities to expand and explore, to learn and to discover and to dance and revel! In addition to a phenomenal variety of musicians, you can look forward to long table banquets (Gastronomy FTW!), circus and theatre, debate and literary events, meditation and yoga workshops, pony rides and some glorious late night revelry to cap it all off. Continue reading

Transparent by Japan Soul



Plastic Utopia

What we have here, folks, is just some straight easy groovin’. The sounds of Japan Soul are brimming with intrigue and marvel. Glorious and nostalgic vibes of the Chromeo, MGMT and ELO kind will escort you effortlessly through the next few minutes of your life.

“Transparent”, released February 2013, will join “Plastic Utopia,” on Japan Soul’s upcoming album, Plastic Utopia. Japan Soul is made up of three gentlemen who have managed to fuse a bit of funk, a bit of pop, more than a bit of electronic dance, and an entire alternate universe into these two songs. Let’s see what they’ll pack into an entire album.

Japan Soul will truly convince your ears that you have never listened and lived so easily before.

-Katie Carman

Upon The North by Eliza and the Bear


Upon The North

You will dance with them, and you will haphazardly tap your indifferent heel, and then feel as though Eliza and the Bear gets it. This is the music that generates a genuine eyes-shut-hillside-swaying’n’bobbing moment. I am fairly confident that this song is where I am supposed to be right now.

A five membered band started in 2011 in London, they will be sprinkled modestly over the UK festival tours this summer. If you are in the area, or a quick Ryanair jaunt away, I’d recommend checking out one of the festivals listed below.

– Katie Carman

Hey Now by London Grammar


Hey Now


Festivals are a great place to find new music- whether or not you actually attend. April brings us lineup release after lineup release, and we at The Vault are devouring all these new names that fall into our laps. Heavy into my own summer festival searching and scanning, I uncovered a gem by the name of London Grammar while scrolling down The Wilderness Festival 2013 lineup.

A gentle melody topped with a piercing voice, this three-member band hosts a sound that empathizes with anyone who has felt the urge to emerge, or the craving to overwhelm the world. London Grammar released their Metal and Dust EP on Feb 25, 2013. This band is something new, and something indescribably enchanting.

-Katie Carman

Wraith by Peace



Do you feel like getting fucked in the heart today?

Running on angst and reeking of Britain, these four boys from Birmingham have enjoyed massive affection from various voices. They’ve received impressive comparisons to Vampire Weekend and Wu Lyf, and have been dubbed “the future of indie” by The Guardian. Peace released their debut album, In Love, March 23, 2013- and what have they brought us? Well set the table, baby, because the future is tasty: A ginger beat I can really tap my baby toe to, a little bit of aggression to amuse-mon-bouche, and a bright, colourful palate sprinkled with a little bit of gloom.

And if all these words fail to introduce to you the great and blaring Peace, here are some of their own words, that I suspect might do them much more justice than the most generous of adjectives: MUSIC TO FUCK YOU IN THE HEART. 

Catch these kids on the European and North American festival route this summer! 

– Katie Carman

Lady Luck by Pickwick


Lady Luck


Hacienda Motel


I first heard Pickwick in their fucking stunning Doe Bay Session back in 2011, and have been waiting for March 12, 2013 ever since. That day, that glorious day, marked the release of their first full-length album, Can’t Talk Medicine. Releasing miscellaneous singles and sessions here and there, Pickwick has lovingly cradled my adoration and generous acclaim, until that long awaited day.

Can’t Talk Medicine is and was and will be cycling through my mind for a while… it’s been good for my head, and may be good for yours, too. It’s hearty and deep: full of moments to draw you into yourself; and moments to make you want to hurl yourself into the world and dance and shout and dive and fall.

Whoever “Lady Luck” is, I have fallen for her; this song showcases a mysterious, soft side of this album. “Hacienda Motel” is a Pickwick song that has been around for a while now, and is gloriously true to the vibe of this band.

– Katie Carman