MDMA by DillanPonders



Hey everybody,

Bustin` on ya this Monday with a track from a Toronto based artist Dillan Ponders. This is one of my favourite tracks which comes off his album Overdose. He has another album called Numb which will be dropping sometime in Mid-November. Gotta love that sound you can bump at the right nightclub but that can double as the backdrop for when your coming back around 2am with crew to kick back and smoke one to. Could also see these tracks in an edgy movie about teenagers doing drugs and being computer hackers and stuff. However I`d rather listen to it in one of the former contexts.



Huaso by Guapo of the Saints


Huaso [audio]

Homecoming 2013 GET TURNT!

If you’re a keener and are reading this right now looking for trax to put on your ‘epic banger 2013′ playlist to bumb at your pre/continuous party today well look no further.

My boy Guapo released this track earlier in the spring during our hiatus but better late than never. Another track where he goes in with relentless lyrics and beats that offer something a little more progressive.

Also really enjoy the ad-libs at the start. For anyone who doesn’t know what ad-libbing is its rappers kind of signature sounds or catchphrases they use during songs (see: Rick Ross’ sounds like a big dog woofing sort of or Kanye’s which is a nasally HAAHHHH?)

Bless and avoid the 5-0 this Saturday!


Baker$ Psalm by Raz Fresco


Baker$ Psalm [audio]

Oye Cabrones. I be on that finished-school high. In celebration of that and to everyone who’s gonna be grindin’ it in Toronto this summer you should get educated on Raz Fresco. A young rapper out of Toronto (Parkdale specifically), with a pretty quick flow. Vice recently did a pretty cool exposé on him and downtown T.O. in general which is also worth checking out. He has some pretty dope samples in his beats as well which is always refreshing (check out Breathe).

Now that schools over for all us young’ins its time to make that skrilla so happy job hunting and wardrobe overhaul times!