Artists To Watch 2014

2013 – What a year! We’ve been doing lots of chatting and plotting and even more sitting around just listening to music so you can expect some cool things coming your way from us this year.  Cool things like a cover competition and a radio show.   Sit tight and while you wait familiarize yourself with some of the names we have listed below. We are SO excited to get to know these beauties and their delicious tunes a little better this year.  Have a listen and start listing all the shows you want to see this year!

… Yeah, 2014 sounds like it’s going to be a good one. 

Bear Mountain- Faded

Devin Cuddy-  I Got a Girl

Dylan Joel (Prod. Otis Grey)- Never Let Them Go (Bonus Track)

Eliza and The Bear- The Southern Wild

Evening Hymns- Arrows

Flatbush Zombies (Prod. by Eric Arc Elliot) – Thug Waffle

Half Moon Run- Call Me In The Afternoon

Harlan Pepper- Great Lakes

Highs- Nomads

Jane’s Party- Dutch Blue Sky

Japan Soul- Hey Yah Hey

Jimmy B- Toronto State of Mind

July Talk- Head Sick

Kalle Mattson- An American Dream

Ken Yates- Strawberry Sleeves

Kwabs- Last Stand produced by SOHN

Little Stella-Woods

Mapei- Don’t Wait

Mrs. Strange- Hot Mud

Mt. Wolf- Hypolight

PARTYNEXTDOOR- Break From Toronto

The Pick Brothers Band- Stay With Me

Reuben and the Dark- Rolling Stone

Royal Canoe- Button Fumbla

Sam Cash- Fall Together

Over The Neon Lights- Tango With Lions

Lion Cub- Ten Sleep

Artificial Light- Typhoon

Clarity MasterB- V∆\\Y

Never Again- Will Hunter

The Relatively Fair- Will Stratton

Knot In My Heart- The Zolas



Man On The Page- Good For Grapes

Good For Grapes

Skipping Stone 

It’s been about a year since our post on B.C. based Good For Grapes’, “A Worthier Man”. In that time, their ‘outrageous folk’ sound has garnered cross-country attention, as was due. October 15, 2013 marked the arrival of their debut album, Man On The Page. Beginning to end, it’s a substantial piece of work that affirms the merit of their growing presence in the Canadian music scene. Man On The Page brings to our awaiting ears a sound that showcases Good For Grapes’ cohesiveness as a band- a trait that is not easily achieved by younger projects. Fans of their self-titled EP released April 2011, will welcome back some of those classic stomp-inducing, clap-along riffs, but will also recognize new sounds throughout their album, the result of which is a sound that is wholly unique to Good For Grapes. Their commitment to growth and hard work truly shows in this album. Good job guys (and gal!).

Make sure you check out their set at Clark Hall this Sunday, Oct 20 with The River & The Road and The Will Hunter Band. See ya there!

– Katie Carman

Teen Daze @ Clark Hall Pub on October 15th






I don’t know where you were last night but if you weren’t one of the few of us at the Teen Daze show then you missed out.

These boys from BC dropped by Clark Hall Pub last night along with Camp Counsellors to mark the start of a mini Ontario- Quebec tour.  Shows in Kingston tend to be hit or miss; it’s the night of the week, rather than the band, that makes all the difference when bringing out a crowd.  The Tuesday back after Thanksgiving weekend is a quiet night as many students were locked in the library preparing for midterms and the few of us who made it out last night were in a lethargic post turkey daze. But these conceivably negative factors did not blunder the experience. Teen Daze took full advantage of the intimate setting and our lazy, dreamy state making it work for their performance instead of against it.

They focused on their latest album Glacier which is more of an experience than just a record.  It’s ambient. The intricate combination of sounds with very few lyrics creates something rooted in the present.  A Teen Daze show is not something that can be relived through a cell phone screen.  Especially after an unfortunate incident involving a laptop lead to a very special on the fly version of “Alaska”.  Talk about serendipity.

I left feeling as though I was invited to sit in on a private rehearsal. The special intimacy of the venue and Teen Daze’s humble demeanour allowed us to connect to the music and get to know the men behind it.  Their passion for their work really shone through.

The concert Gods have been smiling down on Kingston this fall and the shows just keep getting better and better.


Built to Roam by Shakey Graves


Built to Roam [audio]

I heard Shakey Graves for the first time this spring while I was out treeplanting in B.C. From Austin Texas but gained prominence in New York. This track is off his album Roll the Bones full of lots of twangy’ folk songs you could see yourself listening to accompanied by wistful gazes out the window of big rigs as you explore the west and stuff. Ultimately just good music to accompany anyone with itchy feet.

Lightfoot Returns by Brendan Canning

you gots 2 chill

Light Foot Returns

[audio Canning is to the Canadian music industry as what Kate Middleton is to England; He’s royalty. He perfectly embodies the camradere that makes the music scene here a scene. He has worked on a handful of projects playing and with all sorts of different musicians; You’re probably the most familiar with his band Broken Social Scene. So although Canning is not new on the scene, this track is only from his second solo album, You Gots 2 Chill, which was released just last week.  And what a great week that was.

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with pleasant looking things. It cheers us up, makes us healthier and most importantly makes us happier. So too does good music.  “Lightfoot Returns” is a dreamy track with heavy synth and moody harmonies but it’s beauty, why I love it, lies in it’s simple and pleasant sound. It’s a good song, maybe more, but definitely nothing less.


MDMA by DillanPonders



Hey everybody,

Bustin` on ya this Monday with a track from a Toronto based artist Dillan Ponders. This is one of my favourite tracks which comes off his album Overdose. He has another album called Numb which will be dropping sometime in Mid-November. Gotta love that sound you can bump at the right nightclub but that can double as the backdrop for when your coming back around 2am with crew to kick back and smoke one to. Could also see these tracks in an edgy movie about teenagers doing drugs and being computer hackers and stuff. However I`d rather listen to it in one of the former contexts.


Huaso by Guapo of the Saints


Huaso [audio]

Homecoming 2013 GET TURNT!

If you’re a keener and are reading this right now looking for trax to put on your ‘epic banger 2013′ playlist to bumb at your pre/continuous party today well look no further.

My boy Guapo released this track earlier in the spring during our hiatus but better late than never. Another track where he goes in with relentless lyrics and beats that offer something a little more progressive.

Also really enjoy the ad-libs at the start. For anyone who doesn’t know what ad-libbing is its rappers kind of signature sounds or catchphrases they use during songs (see: Rick Ross’ sounds like a big dog woofing sort of or Kanye’s which is a nasally HAAHHHH?)

Bless and avoid the 5-0 this Saturday!



Thanks for wandering over to our music blog- Unfortunately we haven’t been posting any new tunes lately.  At this moment in time we are focusing our energy on redesigning and relaunching our website (do you like our new logo?) With the relaunch we will have plenty of other new things to go along with our new look.  You can look forward to more content, a radio show and more Vault Sessions Projects as well. Believe us it’s worth the wait.  

In the meantime feel free to peruse our archive, we’ve got some musical gems hidden in there that you may have passed over before.

Thanks for sitting tight.

Stay tuned and keep the volume up. 

Much love,

The Vault


The Vault Backyard Festival


Because we love and miss you all, because raising North West this year has been real stressful, and because most of the money in our bank account came from your pockets (thanks for the support, baby), we have decided to throw a FREE one day mini-festival for y’all during Frosh Week!

Last year was an incredible year for us, and we really can’t thank you all enough for your support! This event is a THANK YOU present for scrolling through our blog, attending our keggers, sticking those stickers, or justtolerating us as we incessantly put your News Feed on blast. We have LOADS (and we mean LOADS) of exciting projects coming your way this term, and it all starts NOW! 

We have collected 8 bands and artists from Kingston, Ontario, and the UK (how exotic!) to play their delicious tunes and to come welcome you back to Kingston! This event will take place from 2:30pm (music starts at 3) to 9 pm in a backyard (location TBA; stay tuned!). There have been rumours of unicorns and sno cones…. 

… and did we mention its FREE!! 


A newly formed band containing some of the most dangerous boys at Queen’s.

The Great Augustus
These boys have been hard at work over the past few months and have played with Aidan Knight, Hey Ocean and other various acts in Kingston before. Better get their autograph now while you still can.

This band has been in the recording studio over the summer, working on material that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere. We’ve seen and heard them live before but never anything from the studio. Also dangerous. And trendy. Mostly trendy.

Dj-ing around the UK under various monikers, this British mystery has jumped ship to come play at our event. 

Melina Trimarchi
From Toronto comes this bonafide babe with powerhouse pipes, accompanied by James Colwell, a jazz legend in the making, as goes the word on the street. 

Oseka Ogega
To prove that there is more to Canadian hip-hop than Drake we have asked this Toronto based friend to pay us a visit.

Kingston is hip too, you guys, and James is going to show us. 

The Will Hunter Band
We are big fans of this Queen’s based four piece.These are some lovely fellows with even lovelier harmonies and toe-tapping melodies. 



Hello friends!

Things have been pretty quiet for us this summer with some of our writers off exploring European beaches or in depths of the BC wilderness planting trees, while the rest of us have been keeping busy with summer courses and full time jobs. We are very sorry for our silence this summer, we’re currently undergoing some website reconstruction and renovations so thanks for being patient and sticking with us. We’ll be back soon with some exciting new changes and great new music to share.

Keep an ear out for news (like the announcement of our biggest show yet,) and updates to come.